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Goran Fazil was born in Former Yugoslavia. Through his work Goran tries to question preconceived historical ideals in order to open up a dialogue with the viewer regarding our understanding of our human condition. Through variety of subject matter, the main theme of war as reoccurring social phenomena is presented in Fazil’s work.

Goran uses variety of mediums in order to engage the viewer. Through various contemporary approaches such as fragmentation, appropriation, installation, and recently animation, Goran creates works that challenge the viewer’s conception of the past and encourage the viewer to think of their own history and their understanding of the present.

Goran came to United States as a refugee in 1997. Prior to his arrival to the States he lived as a refugee in Italy where he attended the Artistic Lyceum “Foiso Fois” in Cagliari. Upon his arrival to the United States Goran enrolled in Alberston College of Idaho where he graduated with a degree in Studio Arts. After graduating from Albertson College, Goran attended Boise State University where he studied Art History and Visual Culture. He attended the MFA program in Fine Arts at the University of Idaho where he graduated in 2009. Goran currently resides in Boise and teaches at College of Western Idaho.